Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fast Food Junkie

The etsy team that I'm a member of has decided that Fast Food is the July challenge. Click here to read about it. Easy enough, I've done lots of fast food stuff before...thinking tacos, hot dogs, pizza...maybe some new surprises though! Funny that this is the challenge theme since fast food has been an issue with me this week.

I'm trying to not eat out everyday for lunch, while at work. So, I've been bringing my lunch with me. Being healthy is not easy! I'm so exhausted from lack of calories!!!! I skip breakfast every morning (I know it's not good, but its a fact) and then for lunch I was eating at Mcdonalds, Arby's, Taco Bell...some fast food place. Well, for a Big Mac (my fave) and fries with a's 1100 calories! Versus my 250 calorie Lean Cuisine, it's a no brainer on which I should choose. However, the lack of calories is making me so sleepy. Only having 250 calories from the time I wake up until I get home at 6, well that leaves me mighty hungry and mighty sleepy. I need to bring snacks probably, but I hate snacking :-/ I'm so going out for a little something today, not a big mac, but maybe a snack wrap?

Well maybe I can find a balance soon, have enough energy to take part in this challenge and come up with some cute fast food pieces of jewelry!


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